Thursday, March 10, 2016

Compounded Sterile Preparations Can Be At Risk for Tampering and Misuse. IMI's Tamper Evident Caps are the Perfect Solution.

Compounded Sterile Preparations Can Be At Risk for Tampering and Misuse.

Compounded sterile preparations (CSP’s) are at their greatest risk when they leave the custody of the pharmacy. The IMI Prep-LockTamper Evident IV Syringe Cap greatly reduces the risk of the CSP being compromised either accidentally or intentionally. It insures that product integrity is maintained from the time it leaves the sterile hood until it is administered by an authorized clinician. 
Installation of the Prep-Lock Tamper Evident IV Syringe Cap in the pharmacy environment is highly efficient. Each sterile tray of 10 caps offers a unique “keyed” feature allowing the pharmacist the ability to quickly install the cap with a simple twist of the syringe. This helps to maintain aseptic technique and saves time when compounding several syringes at once.

Cap Installation is easy and efficient.
Administering a syringe is very easy for the authorized clinician. Simply pull-off the outer sleeve of the tamper evident cap, unscrew the remaining luer-lock cap and dispose of the components. This is a far better solution than sticky, brittle tamper evident tape or cumbersome shrink wrap.

A choice of 4 different colored caps allows the pharmacy the ability to color code either specific drug classes or processes.

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