Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shifting Strategy, Roche Partners With Kite, J&J To Expand Cancer Drug’s Potential

Bloomberg News (3/23, Koch) reports that Roche “is opening the door to more external partnerships as its latest and most promising tumor-fighting treatment heads for approval this year.” In the past week, Roche has partnered with Kite Pharma Inc. and Johnson & Johnson “to explore combinations using its experimental drug atezolizumab.” The “partnerships with Kite and J&J mark a small shift in Roche’s strategy, which has emphasized using its own, large pool of potential compounds and medicines to find new cancer-drug combinations.” 

This is great news for cancer treatment progress. Try IMI's Chemo-Vent needles when reconstituting and withdrawing cytotoxic anti-neoplastic agents. We take pride in helping to supply the tools needed to save lives. 

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